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The World Needs GOOD Ideas.

There are two of us. Our two cents matters. We want to shake up the start-up status-quo. We champion the underdog, the overlooked and the underestimated. We work with those who might not think of themselves as founders or entrepreneurs. Why? Because as two women and two working moms, we’ve been there, in Fortune 500 companies and in our own start-ups. We love creating something out of nothing -- we just don’t love the expectations for how or who should get there. At TwoCents Riot, we share the expertise we’ve gained from our struggles and successes with others not content with the start-up establishment. Join the Up-start Riot and share your Two Cents with the world.



Elizabeth Chapin is a marketing strategist working with companies and founders to translate ideas into experiences and brands that customers understand and want to buy.


She has led large scale, global customer engagement campaigns across media platforms for companies like Apple, Tommy Hilfiger and Wired Magazine. She has co-founded two start-ups and thrives in navigating the risks and driving the rewards of change.

Elizabeth grew up in Wisconsin where facing change with ingenuity is simple, just add more cheese.


She earned a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

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Dawn Nadeau is a blue-sky thinker with decades of experience in on-the-ground execution. She has extensive experience in new product development from inside the start-up landscape and innovating within the structure of big corporations.

From the Chairman’s Office of Goldman Sachs to a TIME Magazine Best Invention winner, she understands the challenges of getting things done regardless of scale.

Dawn loves to hit things and is a former Krav Maga instructor, a mostly inside-the-court tennis player and a beginning banjo player, although not all at the same time.


She is a graduate of Wellesley College. 

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Get Your Name On

Developed company and product names for an engineer’s new business providing easier, safer and reusable personal protective equipment.



Get Your Name On

Rebranded and repositioned existing nutrition and wellness business.


Side Hustle Tune-up

Advised busy professional with a passion and an idea for a new pet product.


Pivot in Place

Helped an established executive rework her resume and online presence for a job change.


Just Looking

Acted as a sounding board for first-time entrepreneur and full-time mom with big ideas to save the planet. 



Designed content and execution strategy for a global media brand's inaugural event. 



Rebranded an educational software product as part of a market expansion plan for a creative game company.

TwoCents Riot

Our Own Side Hustle

We just re-released our start-up VONK for socially distanced play.