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Business and product naming services

Need a name that cuts through the noise?

At TwoCents Riot, we have a very specific approach to developing creative and competitive product and company names. This is typically a service that Madison Avenue advertising agencies charge a premium for and we think we do it just as well (okay, better) for a fraction of the cost.


As past executives at leading brands (Apple, Tommy Hilfiger, Goldman Sachs) and top business publications (Wired, Fast Company, FORTUNE), we have led countless branding exercises and worked with leading agencies to develop new products and marketing campaigns. We have also created and led our own start-ups.


We know that a creative business or product name is greater than the sum of its parts. The right name can help your business stick in people's minds and make them want to learn more and engage.


This type of brainstorming process is something most small business owners and start-ups don't typically have the opportunity to take advantage of and we think that is shame. It's also something we are pretty damn good at. Our process goes far beyond a name to deliver you a language foundation for your brand so you can communicate with your customers in the most memorable and effective way possible. We work with you to uncover the What, Why and How of your business and turn that into a list of creative potential names, tag-lines and descriptions. 

Our Naming Process:

  • RESEARCH: We identify your brand's core values What, Why and How through intake and research. 

  • BRAINSTORM: We cast a wide and creative net to develop a range of naming concepts associated with your core values and organizational vision. 

  • REVIEW: In an interactive working session we review and present a first round of naming concepts, taglines and company descriptions.

  • REVISE: We deliver a second round of language to narrow down the list and refine the taglines and descriptions. 

  • DECIDE: We present a final Brand Brief with a final name and supporting language usage guide. 

We deliver actionable content through a series of interactive working sessions.  We provide companies and brands much more than a name, we deliver a roadmap to communicating the essence of your unique value to customers, again and again, in a way that stands out and gets noticed. 

Our process

  • Intake and Discovery

  • Preliminary Brand Concept

  • Revisions

  • Final Brand Brief 

Prices are flat fee and dependent on the details of a particular project . A typical naming exercise starts at $5000. 


The process typically takes approx. 4 weeks depending on call scheduling.

We work with a limited number of non-profit and mission-driven organizations a year at a reduced rate. Please reach out to learn more about our impact work. 

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