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We work with aspiring founders, side-hustlers, in-place pioneers, homepreneurs, blue-sky thinkers and lean teams. We are experts in moving ideas into action. We demystify the entrepreneurial process into achievable goals. We are committed to helping others get their passions and good works into the world because when we share meaningful work we love, we inspire others. 

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Get Your Name On Package

Business and product naming services

Our process will get you a creative and unique name that cuts through the noise. 

$1295 includes three 60 minute working sessions, two brand concept presentations, and a brand survey

Side Hustle Tune-Up Package

Home business and start-up strategy

Turn your at-home (ad)venture into a lasting and sustainable business.

$495 includes three 60 minute coaching sessions

Pivot in Place Office Hours

Personal career and resume coaching

Making a career change or want to revamp your resume? Let us help you pivot with flexible office hours.

$150 for one 60 minute session

Just Looking?

Sounding board and idea assessment 

You look like an entrepreneur to us. Give it a try.

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