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Get-started planning for new business ideas. 

Have an idea for a business and need help getting started? 

Do you keep thinking about that one great idea that has taken root inside your brain and won't go away?  If you have the idea, but aren't quite sure what specifically to do to get it started, we're here for you. There are so many steps to take in moving from idea to reality, it can get overwhelming to sift through and triage the best course of action. We have been there. We have started product companies, and service companies, done crowdfunding and raised money from investors. We are really, really good at the blank space. The space between the spark and the flame. 


Whether you need to just talk out your idea and get concrete feedback on the best next steps or you have never spoken the idea out loud to another human (pets don't count)  -- we'll help you get unstuck and get started. There is a unique kind of pain in not trying. If the idea is lurking in your brain, you owe it to yourself to take a solid first step towards the vision. 


We will work with you to put structure around your idea, establish a realistic and meaningful set of goals, identify any roadblocks (as well as hidden synergies and opportunities) and come up with a concrete action plan of next steps. 

Drawing on our  25 years of business experience , our goal is to help you define and realize satisfaction and success with your idea. Every person has a different vision of what success means to them, as well as a different set of parameters with which they are working. You may find your vision shifts once you dig into it - and that is fine. You will never know where you will end up until you begin.


The world needs more good ideas. It needs your two cents. Every single positive thing we each put into the world is a seed that can flourish if given light and air. 

What TwoCents Riot can do for you:

  • Review your pre-call survey in depth - many clients find this a valuable tool in putting structure around their idea.

  • Triage all your ideas and put them in order of priority.

  • Help you outline the specific elements of the idea so you can take concrete steps to pursue it.

  • Set a step-by-step action plan to getting started, including a realistic timeline based on your personal situation.

  • Provide accountability. Much like a personal trainer forces you to exercise, we provide the structure and coach the start-up in you.

Give your idea 60 minutes and see where it takes you. 

What's Included

  • Pre-call survey

  • 60 minute video call

  • Follow-up written summary including action plan with suggested next steps.

  • Recording of the call for your listening pleasure

Cost $175 for 60 minutes


How to Book
  • Click Book Now and select a date & time 

  • Complete payment and checkout 

  • You'll receive an email confirmation

  • Questions about ordering or booking your session? Check our FAQ.


You look like an entrepreneur to us. But if you aren't sure you are ready to commit book a 'Just Looking' intro session.
Free first-time 20 minute intro session
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